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Invest in Flagstone Patios for Fairfax, VA Increased Home Values

According to HGTV’s, installing decks, porches or flagstone patios in Fairfax, VA is one of the top 10 improvements you can make to your Fairfax home. The average rate of return on a professionally-installed flagstone patio when you sell your home is 90.3 percent of your original investment, not to mention you get to enjoy the daily benefits of fabulous flagstone patios while you remain in your home.

Known for their characteristic natural beauty, flagstone patios in Fairfax, VA are extremely durable. Flagstone is a simple material to replace, with repair as easy as laying down a new stone cut to fit the spot left by the damaged stone. Flagstone patios also hold up well to fluctuations in weather and wear quite evenly. In addition, flagstone patios in Fairfax, VA are part of a more sustainable landscape design. Permeable flagstone patios in Fairfax allow water to filter through their surface, reducing destructive runoff and assisting in better land management practices.

The most common types of flagstone used for paving patios are slate, sandstone and limestone. These type of flagstone patios provide Fairfax, VA homeowners a lasting and naturally slip-resistant patio surface that will age beautifully over years with very little maintenance required.

As with any outdoor landscape improvement, preparing the foundation is the secret to correctly installing flagstone patios in Fairfax, VA. A base of concrete, with mortared joints between flagstones, is more stable and costly than a graded bed of sand and gravel. If you prefer more formal, elegant flagstone patios, your Fairfax, VA, patio may require additional preparation, materials and planning. If you select a more random, naturalized pattern with ground cover, gravel or stone as joint fillers, you have more flexibility in terms of cost. If you are creative and bold, combine natural stone with cut versions or with complimentary paving materials for truly unique and cost-effective flagstone patios in Fairfax, VA.

Of course, the quality of flagstone patios in Fairfax, VA vary considerably depending on the methods of installation. When installing a new flagstone patio at your Fairfax home, properly vet the landscape contractor you feel is best qualified to perform the work properly. Remember this is a return on investment project with significant value, so choose your contractor wisely and expect a fine, finished flagstone patio in Fairfax, VA to provide you with years of outdoor living.

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