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McLean VA Parking Lot Snow Removal

Dominion Hardscapes, a family owned company, has been serving the region since 1984. In that time, we’ve risen to become McLean VA’s top-rated parking lot snow removal company. Over the years, we’ve fielded thousands of questions from our clients, and we decided to post some of the more common ones here, along with their answers, in case you’ve got questions too!

Q: Why doesn’t the city remove the snow from my parking lot?

A: When the snows come, the city has its hands full just keeping the roads drivable. While they’d love to be able to take the time to remove the snow from every business parking lot too, it’s just a matter of time and manpower. They just don’t have enough people and equipment to do it all, that’s where we come in. As McLean VA’s #1 parking lot snow removal company, we do what the city just doesn’t have the resources to do.

Q: Why don’t the city’s drivers raise their plows when they get to my parking lot entrance or driveway?

A: Unfortunately, they can’t. Their mandate is to clear the snow from the roads in order to make them drivable. If they raised their plows in front of every driveway and business entrance, the net effect would be to create an impassable roadway. It just wouldn’t accomplish their stated mission.

Q: Why are salt and sand used on roads and in parking lots during winter storms? It makes a mess of my car!

A: Salt and sand are great ways to keep melting snow from forming ice, which would make driving conditions even more treacherous than snow alone. Although it does tend to make a mess of the cars that drive on them, it’s far better than the alternative of dealing with hundreds of accidents caused by unsafe driving conditions.

Note that this is one of the optional services we provide as McLean VA’s premier parking lot snow removal company. If you’d rather not have salt or sand used in your parking lot, you certainly don’t have to!

Q: It’s been snowing for days and I’m starting to worry that the weight of it might damage my roof, what can I do?

A: This is a great question, and although we are known as McLean VA’s leading parking lot snow removal company, we can also clear the snow from your rooftops if the accumulation is becoming worrisome or problematic. Just call us anytime, day or night, and we’ll be there to help!

If you didn’t see your question on this list, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly, professional staff will be more than happy to assist you. We’d love to make you our next super satisfied customer.

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