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Dominion Hardscapes is a Virginia Class A Licensed Contractor

Retaining Walls Photo Gallery

This half-height retaining wall, with faux stone matching the home's existing brick face, is perfect for landscaped garden beds.

Retaining walls serve many uses in the landscape, including anchoring, protecting and finishing other features in your landscape.

A well-engineered retaining wall carves out usable space from sloping land and helps address drainage and erosion, aiding in smart land management.

From creating garden and landscape beds to effective terracing and drainage, retaining walls can reshape your yard.

Constructing retaining walls is part art, part science. This is a poured, molded wall later surfaced in flagstone and capped in brick.

Well-built retaining walls can be made of stone, brick, concrete, or treated lumber.

A simple front-yard retaining wall made of gorgeous quarried stone can single-handedly solve or prevent a serious erosion issue.


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