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Dominion Hardscapes is a Virginia Class A Licensed Contractor

Modern Materials For Driveways and Walkways in Fairfax, VA

Driveways and walkways in Fairfax, VA, should seamlessly connect your home to your community and allow safe passage between your home and outdoor areas. Well-engineered driveways and walkways add significant value to your real estate investment and to the ambiance of your home. Include retaining walls to create terraced segments of outdoor space with various dedicated uses. Add stairs and pathways for necessary functionality and visual interest to your landscape scheme.

Crushed stone, concrete, pavers, brick, and natural stone are all suitable materials for driveway and walkway construction. Today‘s landscape construction trends feature fresh and interesting concrete processing, including stamped concrete with patterns etched into the surface and enhancement with pigment or acid-stain. These materials are great performers since they give the appearance of more expensive natural stone at a fraction of the cost.

There are a variety of considerations to take into account when designing driveways and walkways in Fairfax, VA, including: site topography and logistics; zoning, legal and building code requirements; clearance and setback provisions; drainage and erosion control, and allowances for underground transit of electrical, water, and other household systems. Quite often driveways and walkways in Fairfax are subjected to wide temperature fluctuations and the corrosive effects of severe weather. A poorly planned project will accelerate this deterioration, but a thoughtful design for your driveway and walkways will result in a finished landscape fit to welcome the queen, or your family.

For expert landscape construction services contact the professionals at Dominion Hardscapes. Since 1984, delivering high quality driveways and walkways in Fairfax, VA.


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