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Patio Design Centreville VA

There is more to a patio design for a Centreville, VA property than just deciding on its size and the type of materials used. To ensure that the finished patio meets the property owner’s expectations the experts at Dominion Landscaping & Masonry will take the time to get to know their clients. They know the right questions to ask so the final patio design for the Centreville, VA property will fit the needs and lifestyle of the customer. To help make the design process a little easier for everyone, the team at Dominion Landscaping & Masonry has put together this list of some of the questions they frequently ask their clients.

1. How will the patio be used?

It is important to think about how the patio will be used before the design for the Centreville, VA property is started. Will it be used as a comfortable gathering place for friends and family or a peaceful oasis away from all of the noise? The answer to this question will not only determine placement, but also the final design.

2. How big will the patio be?

The size of the patio will depend on a few factors, and knowing the exact dimensions is needed in order to finalize the design. Deciding on the size of the patio is one of the first factors property owners need to decide on when they decide to have one installed. Once the dimensions are in place the project can start to move forward, and this means that property owners are one step closer to having the patio of their dreams.

3. What type of materials will be used?

Dominion Landscaping & Masonry has over twenty five years of experience with patio design in Centreville, VA. They are familiar with the use of all types of materials commonly used in patio construction, and they know which ones are best suited for the conditions unique to the area. Some of the materials Dominion Landscaping & Masonry often recommends to their clients include flagstone, brick and natural stone. They will help their customers choose the right materials for their project, while also staying within their clients’ budgets. It is this dedication to providing their residential customers with exceptional service at a competitive price that has made Dominion one of the premier landscaping and masonry companies in the area.

4. Has a budget been decided on?

A surprising number of property owners haven’t set a budget before they decide that they want a patio installed. The knowledge staff at Dominion will sit down with their clients and carefully discuss every detail of the patio design for the Centreville, VA property. Once they have found out what the customer wants in their patio they will go off costs and various options. By working closely with their clients Dominion can design and install a patio that meets the property owner’s needs while carefully staying with the agreed upon budget.

5. How much maintenance does the property owner want to do?

The patio design for the Centreville, VA property should take into account the amount of maintenance required to keep it looking like new. Dominion Landscaping & Masonry understands that many of their clients simply do not have the time for a lot of upkeep, and will recommend materials and added procedures that will ensure minimal maintenance is required to keep the patio looking great. Sealants can protect a patio from stains and make the occasional cleanings a breeze.

6. Will there be added features?

A patio design for a Centreville, VA property must include any additional features if the project is going to be properly executed. Some of the features that the talented craftsmen and landscapers commonly add to patios can include benches, planters, fire pits and even an outdoor brick oven. Coverings can be added to keep the patio cool and comfortable during the hot Northern Virginia summers. Some patio designs even call for attractive lighting. The creative designers at Dominion Landscaping & Masonry will help their customers bring their dreams for their properties into reality.

7. Is experience important when designing a patio?

With all of the aspects that have to be considered in a patio design, experience is important. Along with the patio’s dimensions the design has to show the details and exact placement of any features, along with the type of materials being used throughout the project. The design also has to take into account the location of the patio and any problems or obstacles the construction crew might encounter along the way. With over two decades of experience designing and building patios in Northern Virginia, Dominion Landscaping & Masonry is more than qualified to meet the needs of their customers.

Dominion Landscaping & Masonry has only one goal, to provide the best service to all of their residential and commercial clients. The company is owned and managed by a local certified nurseryman that is familiar with the conditions unique to the area. This gives Dominion a distinct advantage over their competitors. They are also committed to the environment and recycle as much of the leftover material from every job site.

Adding a patio onto a property offers several advantages, but only if it is designed and constructed by the best. Northern Virginia residents that want to enjoy their patio for years know that they can depend on the team at Dominion Landscaping & Masonry. Their prompt and courteous work crews pledge to leave the property in a pristine condition, and will stay until the customer assures them that they are completely satisfied. This dedication to their clients’ satisfaction has earned this full service landscaping and masonry company the trust and loyalty of their customers, along with rave reviews on Angie’s List.


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