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Critical Factors in Planning Retaining Walls for Centreville VA Properties

There are many critical factors involved in properly planning retaining walls for Centreville, VA, properties that can dramatically influence the cost, longevity, and appearance of a retaining wall. Before you talk to landscape construction contractors, take the time to become familiar with the basic principles of retaining walls and the variables that factor into construction of structurally sound, high-quality retaining walls in Centreville, VA.

  • Climate - Areas of extreme weather or earthquake risk may demand greater structural reinforcement and more extensive waterproofing.
  • Site Specifications - Challenging access issues that necessitate manual rather than mechanical materials and equipment transportation can tack on additional labor costs. Including steps, pillars, caps, or seat walls will drive up costs.
  • Soils - Larger areas of clay soil, bedrock, or other obstacles can quickly escalate excavation and site preparation costs and the size of the base foundation required to counter the load of the backfill, or the earth and materials the wall is holding.
  • Material Cost - Material costs for retaining walls in Centreville, VA, will depend on the type, length, height, and location of your retaining wall. Applying stone veneer and other specialized techniques require skilled stonemasons, once again raising labor costs.
  • Fill Material - Logistics can also interfere with large fill material delivery to your site. Topsoil, needed to fill the back side of a retaining wall against the slope, or where raised planting beds within Centreville retaining walls need to be filled. Access problems can require long hours of manpower versus the simplicity of a single dumptruck load of soil.
  • Spoils - Longer walls and those with complex engineered footings require significant excavation. In some areas, the removal of excavation spoils can add considerable cost.

The retaining wall experts at Dominion Hardscapes have constructed sturdy, attractive retaining walls in Centreville, VA, and throughout Northern Virginia since 1984. When you need a long-lasting retaining wall for your yard, contact the skilled professionals at Dominion Hardscapes and enjoy a successful home improvement experience from start to finish.


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